Tajik School Teacher's Day

Figure 1.--.Here two Tajik girls un fancy dresses are singing a song honoring their teacher on Teacher's Day. Notice the boy with his traditional instrument and the wonderful carpets. Image courtesy of William Fergusson.

A HBC reader has provided information about Tajikistan schools. Tajik schools have a charming custom--Teacher's Day. Friday October 2, 2003 was Teacher's Day. I believe it is a continuation of Soviet practices. This is a time when students present a ceremony of dance, verse speaking and group singing to commemorate the day. Children bring flowers for their teacher. It is a lovely and very happy occasion. The children dress less formally then on a normal school day. None-the-less some children dress in their best clothes and several girls wear long white dresses. Those in less formal clothes are taking part in the activities. The children in the picture are singing a song which they have learnt especially for the day. The boys have white shirts with and without ties, long trousers and shoes. One boy is wearing a jacket. The girls wear white dresses, white, ankle socks and black shoes. One girl is in -less formal wear. One boy is casually dressed. The occasion is attended by parents, children and teachers. Everyone greets each other by wishing "Happy Teacher's Day". The ceremony began at 11 am and finished before lunch time. When it was concluded the students returned to their lessons. Unfortunately, after the excitement of the ceremony, both the teachers and the students did not have much enthusiasm for learning.

William Fergusson


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Created: October 10, 2003
Last updated: October 10, 2003