Tajik School Uniforms

Figure 1.--Secondary School Children here are eating toffee applies while waiting for the bus. These boys and girls are wearing the school uniform. Note the girls do not have hair bows or wear pinafores as were worn in Soviet times.

All Tajik schools have a uniform and it is the same regardless of the school you go to. There is a destinct Soviet influence, but the uniform is not the same as worn in Soviet days. There are no destinctive uniforms for individul schools. The boys wear a black uniform, a long trousered suit, with matching black waistcoat, white shirt and bow tie. The uniform for girls is also black. It is a black skirt and white blouse. The girls wore blouses done in differeent styles, but they are all wite. Girls wear white ankle socks and black shoes. They also wear large white bows in their hair. Some children do not wear this and go in other schoolclothes. Some children wear a neckerchief. This is made of silk. It is red, green and white, the colours of the Tajikistan flag. It is recognition that these children have attained an educational standard of excellence at their school.

William Fergusson


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