Yugoslav Schools: Gender

Figure 1.--Here we see an all-boy Yugoslav primry class. The photogrtph is undated, but looks like the 1950s to us. The boys look to be about 11 years old. Yugoslvia was gradually shifting to coeducation, but there still were single gender schools in the 1950s.

Royal Yugoslavia like many European countries had separate schools for boys and girls. The school class here in 1925 is a good example (figure 1). Small village primary schools might be coed, but city schools and secondary schools were generally single gender schools. This was noit always the case, but for the most prt we ee single-gender schools. After World War II this began to change. Most of the Soviet empire countries of Eastern Europe made this change abruptly, the new Communist officials anxious to show their admiration for the policies of the socialist motherland. The change to coeducation was not so rapid in Yugoslavia, perhaps because the country was liberated by Partisans and not just the Soviet Red Army. The only place in Eastern Europe this occurred. And then Marshal Tito broke with Stalin (1948). Yugoslavia remained Communist and Tito's repression of anti-Communists was brutal, but Yugoslavia was left free to chart its own path to Communism which became gradually less repressive than the Soviet path. Thus among other matters, we wee a slower transition to coeducation than in the Siviet dominated countries. It was more like what occurred in Western Europe after the War. We still see single gender schools in the 1950s. We are not sure to what extent was promoted at the national or priovincial level. Education in Yugoslavia was to a substantial degree a provincial matter. We think to a significnt degree the change was made at the school level, at least ghe timing iof the chnange.


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