Yugoslav School Garments

Figure 1.--This Yugoslav boy wears a short pants suit in 1940. We believe it was how he dressed for school because his school cap is on the shelf at his side. He looks to be a younger boy at a secondary school. He is named on the bavk of the portrait, but the writing is in cyliric which we cannot read. Click on the image to see the bavk.

The garments worn at Yugoslav schools varied over time and depended on the type of school as well as to the location. We have found quite a few images for the first half of the 20th century, but relatively few during the Communist era. There were substantial differences btweem urban and rural schools. We still see traditionl styles in the early-20th century, especially in rural schools. As the 20th century progressed we see more and more boys wearing modern Western clothing. Quite a number of boys before World Wwar II cadet-like school caps. We also see Yugoslv Army caps. This was the only uniform item commonly worn until the Communist era. Suits were very common until after wrld ar II. Sone boys wore them in primsry school, especially urban schools. Suits were fairly standard in pre-War secondatu schools. School ear was seasonal. During warm weather nots might co to schools with just shirts. shirt pants were fairly standard throuhgh the 1950s. We alsp see ling pants and less commonly knickers. We see all kinds og hosiety, including long-stockings, knee sicks, and ankle socks. Many younger rural boys came to school barefoot.


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