Scottish School Uniform: Conventions

Figure 1.--Boys varies as to what they did when they came home from school. This boy for instance couldn't be bothered to change after he go home.

Boys varies as to what they did when they came home from school. Some mothers insisted that they change out of their school iniforms yo make sure they kept there school clothes in good condition. Some boys were anxious to do so as they didn't like their uniforms. Other boys couldn't be bothered to do so. Especially if they went to a private school, there was not a lot of time for play after school so they saw it as a bit of a waist to go to all the bother of changing clothes. Boardingschools also varied greatly as to what they did after class. Some schools allowed the children to change in to regular clothes. Atother schools the children wore the unigorm all day long.


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Created: September 20, 2003
Last updated: September 20, 2003