Scottish School Uniform: Footwear Types

Figure 1.--Here we see Scottish prep school boys in 1982 wearing differentv kinds of footwear. We see one boy wearing standard school sandals, closed toe sandals with a center strap abd one bar. The boy behind him wears sabdaks with a much wider cebter stap. The boy to thec right wars black shoes.

The footwear worn by Scottish schoolboys seems similar to that worn in England. We notice various kinds od shoes and sandals as well as rubber boots called wellingtons. We see various types of shoes. Hight-top shoes were common in the late-19th and early-20th century. We mostly notice low-cut oxfords done in a variety of styles. The shoes were mostly lace-up shioes, but we also notice a few boys wearing loaffers. Some schools had rules about this. We see both black and brown shoes, but black were the most common. We also see a variety of sandals. The only ones wec have noted are closed-toe sandals. We have no nited Roman (open-toe) sandals. We see both singler and double bar sandals with a center strap. Gradyally a kind of sandal with a wide center strap became popular. The sandals were various shades of briwn. There were also single-bar sandals without the center strap, also called strap shoes, but these were mostly worn by girls, escpecially by the mid-20th century. We also see sneakers, but mostly at state primaries. Most schools banned them. Some children wire rubber boots called ellies in inclemant weather.


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