Individual Swiss School Garments: School Book Satchels

Figure 1.--his is an undated photograph of two Swiss school children in the post-Wirld war II era. We are not sure about the date, perhaos about 1950. We are also not sure if it is a colored photograph or a colorized image. Note the classic and well-worn school satchells.

The majority of the Swiss population are ethnic Germans and tied intoi the Getrman cultural sphere. The Swiss education system in particular is srronly influenced by German trends. Traditionally many Swiss have attended German universities and German professors teach in Swiss universities. Einstein was one such individual. One of the items where this connectin is particulary visible with younger children is the school satchell We see children in Switzerland and Germany with the same style satchells. We are, however, not sure yet about Swiss school children in the French speaking cantons. Thgey tended to dress somewhat differently than in the German speaking cantons. We note these traditioinal leather satchels through the 1950s into the 60s. The styles seem precisely like those we have noted in Germany with the children wearing them on their back. And we notice different styles for boys and girls.


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