U.S. School Clothes: Dexter School, 1897

Figure 1.--Here we see the Dexter School in 1897. The rural schools were primary schools. This school seems notable for the age of the boys still attending. Notice all the hats hanging on the side of the building.

The Dexter School was located in Kentucky's Calloway County. The image we have found was taken in Fall 1897 meaning the beginning of the school year. It looks to be a rural school, but not a real small one. The children were photographed in fron of their school building. We assume it was a primary school. The image is notable for the age of some of the boys still attending primary school. Some of these rural primary schools had programs through the 8th grade. We do not know, but assume that this was probably the situation here. The students seem to be making a point of their hats. Notice the younger boys' hats in the front row and the older boys' hats in the rerar. Many of the younger boys have large collars. Quite a few of the children are also barefoot. Some of the girls wear pinafores.


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