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U.S. School Clothes: Lowell School (Seattle, Washington)

Figure 1.-- Here we see the Lowell school in Seatle, probably in the late-1890s. It was a public school with an 8 year program. The children hear look like the graduating 8th grade studentsmeaning children around 13-14 years old. Notice that the number of boys anf girls was approximately equal. The girls wear both dresses and blouses and skirts. Three girls wear sailor dresses. We do not see many hair bows or any large ones. The boys all wear suits, most with knee pants. Both boys and girls wear blacl long stockimgs. Puy your ursor on the image to see the rest of the class..

Lowell School appears to be a public elementary (primary) school with pre-schoolprograns. Itbis located in the Capitol Hill neigbpthood and also attracts children from downtown. It stresses diversity with large numbers of immigrant students speaking different languages. It gives consideable attention to children with disabilities. The school opened as a standard lmentaty school with am 8 grade program (1890). The original school was named the Pontius School. It was renamed Columbia School (1891). It was renamed Lowell School honoring James Russell Lowell, 19th century poet, scholar and diplomat from Massachusetts (1910). New playground facilities were installed making Lowell the first school in the nation with a play area designed to allow equal access for students with disabilities (1973). The Accelerated Progress Program (APP) and programs for students with significant disabilities operated in the building 1997-2011). The school became a neighborhood and downtown area school, serving a diverse student population (2011-12). The primary classes run through grade 5. There are currently about 380 K through 5th grade students.


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