Individual U.S. School: Phoenix Indian School (Phoenix , Arizona )

Figure 1.--These boys from the Phoenix Indian School were photographed about 1902. The School was a boarding school for children from reservations. The boys looks to be about 6-10 yeas of age.

The Phoenix Indian School was one of the Federal Government schools founded to serve Native American children. It was operated by the Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs. It was situated in Encanto Village located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. There was an 160 acres campus. The school was a boarding school for children, often taken from the reservations in contrary to the wishes of their parents. This school was in Arizona, a state with important Native American reservations. Some of these schools were situted in the East. The school was established as an elementary (primary) school (1891). We think that meant hrades 1-8. In subsequwntly was changed to a high chool for secondary-age children (1935). The high school program was intended to focus on vocational education. As jobs dried up during the Depression, more attention was given to agiculture as the children tened to return to the resrvations. The Federal Government closed the school (1990). it was the only non-reservation BIA school in Arizona, but the BIA operated everal other non-reservation schools in several other cities. The purpose was to incourage assimilation by removing the children from the reservations and their parents. Eventually this and Native American education in general became a controversial issue.


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