U.S. School Clothes: P.S. 64 (Bronx, New York)

Figure 1.--This is school portrait of the 8th grade graduating class at P.S. 64 in the Bronx. The photograph was taken in January 1937. The boys are all wearing suits, many probably brought for their graduation. More than half of the boys wear knicker suits. The girls are all wearing white blouses and scarves. This was presumably especially for the portrait. Click on the image to see the rest of the class.

Many Amrican schools did not have names, but rather numbers like PS 64 in the Bronx here. PS means "Public School". The Bronx of course is a borough of New York City. I am not sure why New York did not name its schools. The same conventions were followed in the other boroughs as well. We do not know much about PS 64, except that it was operating in the 1930s. A photograph from 1937 shows the graduating 8th grade class in January. This would have been several months before they graduated. The students would have been 13-14 years old. The boys wear suits and the girls skirts and blouses. We thing thst the children dressed up for the portrait. The girls look rasther like they are wearing uniform, but we think this was just for the portrait. The boys wear both long pants and knicker suits. It is likely that the boys in knickers probably would get a new long pants suit for graduation. We are not sure about how this reflects on what the boys wore to school on a refular day. Did the boys with long pants suits always wear long pants to school and did the boys in knicker suits alkways wear knickers to school? We suspect that there may hase been some variation here. There were no middle schools/junior high schools at the time. The children continuing their education would have entered the 9th grade in a high school. Readers interested specificlly in New York schools can access websites specifically presenting class images from the various New York City boroughs.


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