U.S. School Clothes: St. Nicholas Greek School (New Jersey)

Figure 1.--These are the students at the St. Nicholas Greek School in Newark, New Jersey during 1906. We are not sure if the sailor suts were a chool uniform are a special costume for the end of the year exercises. Put your cursor on the image to see the rest of the group.

We notice the St. Nicholas Greek School in Newark, New Jersey. The children are all wearing sailor suits and are pictured in some kind of school exercise, apparentkly as part of the end of the school year. It could be that the children are dressed up special for the event, but probably more likely is that the sailor suits are their school uniform. Parochial schools began to be organized in the mid-19th century after large numbers of Catholics (Irish) began emigrating to America. Greeks came in the later wave of immigration which began to reach large numbers in the 1880s. Children wore sailor suits toi school in the late-19th century, but the sailor suit as a school uniform was not very common. Most parochial schools did not adopt uniforms until after World War II. The children re standing outside Lyric Hall, Plane Street (University Place), where the church was located on the second floor. The photo was taken in 1906. A reader writes, "A very interesting school uniform. Quite a contrast to the other American schools featured in HBC pages. I think this was a special occasion. They seem to be lined up for some kind of parade or exercise." Yes that is what we do not know. Was this a special outfit just for school events? We are not sure what the children wore to school on a normal school day.


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