U.S. School Clothes: St. Anthony--Patriotic Portrait, 1917

Figure 1.--We believe that these boys are doing their First Communion and Confirtmation at St. Anthony in 1917. Unfortunately we do not know where in America the school/church was located. Click on the image to see the rest of the group.

The second photograph shows the boys patriotically dressed in a variety of military uniforms. We see army and navy uniforms. The Boy Scout uniform was very similar to the army uniform. It is likely that many of the boys here in army uniforms are Scouts. There are also several iniforms that are a little more imaginative. One boy looks to be done out in a French Foreign Legion uniform. The boys in naval uniforms are mostly done in in rather generic all white uniforms. There are two boys wearing sailor suits with middy blouses. It is not clear to us if these were sailor suits that the boys actuall wore. They seem to be the right size. Notice Uncle Sam in the middle of the group. We assume that this was taken after America entered the War (April 1917). After America entered the War that was a tremendous outpouring of patriotic fervor. The photograph here is on aspect of that feeling.


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Created: January 25, 2004
Last updated: January 25, 2004