U.S. School Clothes: Washington School (Oklahoma)

Figure 1.--This is the 2nd grade at Washington School in Sulpher Oklahoma. As was cpmmom in rital schools or town schools with rural children, many of the boys wear overalls. This was a fashin that began in the late-1900s decade..

Here we have another Washington School, this one located in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Washinton was one of the most popular names for American grade schools. Grade, grammar, and elementary school means primary school, usually with the first six grades of education. Oklahoma was located on the Southern Plains, originally designated as Indian Territory. The area around Sulphur was been noted for its mineral springs. It is located in southern Oklahma. It was a basically rural state. Oil was discovered in the 1910s which resilted in an oil boom. Many school portraits until after World War II show the boys in rural schools wearing overalls. We note a Depression era image. Oklahoma was one of the states especially hard hit in the 1930s, both by the Depression and the Dust Bowl. Many farmers lost their land. Many of the boys wear overalls. This was sonething we did not see until the late-1900s, but then became very common as we see here. It was especially common at rural schools or at schools like this one with some farm chilftrn attending the school. One boys wears short pants overalls, something that was not very common. The girls all wear dresses. Pinafores are no longer in style.


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