Boys' Costumes for Important School Events

Figure 1.--.

A child's clothing for major school events is often a matter of some consideration for both the child amd parents. Once it was the parents who decided the matter, even forvolder children. Now even a young child has a great deal tio say about his clothing. School for most children is the major experience with the world outside the home and a many childre are probably more concerned about his school clothes than any other aspectvof his wardrobe. Some children have the matter decided for him by a school uniform. But uniforms are not commonly worn in many other countries.

First Day

A child's first day at school is another major event in his life. For some it is the hardest day in his life and often his parents--especially mom. It is probably not as important as it used to be as many children now are taking care of in pre-school daycare, often from an early age. Even so that doesn't always make the event easier for some and tears may still be shed. Before World War II (1939-45), school was more commonly the first important event away from home. It could be a heartwrenching experience full of big and small worries for the boy and for his parents. Children were and still are uneasy about starting a new routine, getting along with other kids, and being away from mommy and daddy. While that firt day at school was the major event.


Each year as the boy moves from grade or form is also important, especially the transition from primary to secondary school. These experiebces have varied widely from country to country and over time. American boys once wore knickers even in high school. By the 1940s, however, boys began to change from knickers to long pants when they started high school, In England and other countries, boys often changed from short pants to long pants when they moved, or soon after they moved, from junior to senior school. Many boys in the 1950s would wear short pants for their first year or two in grammar (academically selective secondary school) or even secondary modern school. The grammar schools were often stricter about uniforms. French schools generally did not require uniforms, but parents also usually sent the younger boys to school in short pants.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 15, 1999
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