School Uniform Garments: Pants--Knickers

Figure 1.--Knickers, especially cord knickers, were a major schoolwear item in America during the 1910-30s. Here we see an unidentified Amewrican boy waiting for the school bus, probanly in the early-30s.

Knickers appeared in England after the mid-19th century. They were soon adopted for schoolwear at many prestigious English private schools as well as state schools. Many English boys in the late 19th century and American boys in the early 20th century wore wore knickers to school. Knickers did not become popular in America until the 1910s, especially after World War I (1914-18). They were very widely worn by American sdchoolboys into the early 1940s. They were not fr the most part worn as part of a school uniform, except at a few private schools. They were less common in England, but one school continued to have a knickerr iniform into the 1990s. They were also worn by boys in Europe--usually the older boys. Knickers passed from the fashion seen after World War II. One school in London, however, still uses them as part of the school uniform.


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