Italian School Smocks: Bow Styles

Figure 1.--These Italian children in 1983 all wear blue smocks with white collars red bows, but without knots--just a tie-like strand.

HBC has little information about the style of the bows worn with school smocks. We have noted uite a range of different bows from the available images. Some were large floppy bows other were very small bows with simple ribbons falling straight down like the boys here(figure 1). There are a numner of different ways in which bows can be tied to form the knot. Also the size of the bow can be significantly varied depending on the length of ribbon used. We have noted some schools that had no noticeable bow knot just a tie-like stands hanging dowm. We have noted one school that had small bow ties, different colors for the boys and girls. We note that boys and girls at any school wear the same style of bow, although the colors are occasionally different. Our chronolgical information on bow styles is limited. The older images seem to show a more sandard traditional bow while by the 1980s we seem to notice a wide range of different styles.


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Created: August 20, 2003
Last updated: August 20, 2003