School Uniform Garments: Jumper Trim

Figure 1.--This Scottish boy wears a plain grey jumper without trim--except for the school badge.

Some sweaters are pain grey without any trim. These are iften worn by boys at state schools. Eventually sweaters trimed in the school colors or with the school initials or letters became popular. These could be very plain, perhaps jyst plain grey with the school badge. Oyher schools had sweater with elaborate trim. These were worn mostly at prep schools. Boys at state schools mostly wore plain grey sweaters as they were lest expensive. In addition the state schools usually made less of a point of school identity and the school colors. The colors were most commonly placed at the neck of the jumpers. Some schools, mostly private schools, also designed the uniform jumpers with the colors on the sleeve cuff as well. A few schools in addition added the school colors at the waist. There were also several permytations of these basic trim types. It was mostly the grey sweaters that had this trim. V\Colored sweaters were less likely to have trim.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 9, 2000
Last updated: November 10, 2000