United States Military School Types

Figure 1.--This American boy looks to be in a military school during the 1930s. It would hve been a private military school, probably a boarding school. He may have been in the band.

There were various kinds of military schools, at least schools where the boys wore military uniforms. The standard military school was a private school. Commonly the schools were private facilities and the children came from affluent familirs. Most of the American military schools were boarding schools. Commonly they were set in bucolic rural settings away from the larger cities. There were, however, also some day schools. One urban school district (Chicago) has even established a public (state) boarding school. most were styled on the U.S. army, but there was at least one naval school located in Hammond Indiana. We also notice other types of schools where the students war military uniforms. These children were not from affluent families and he schools were Federal or state institutions. This was the case at Federal Indian Schools. We also notice the Soldiers' Orphan Schools the state of Pennsylvania set up after the Civil War. A good example is the Chester Springs Soldiers' Orphan School. These schools accepted girls as well as boys. Only the boys wore military uniform. I'm not sure that they would be called military schools.


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