Bibfront Overalls: Material

Figure 1.--Bib front overalls are often assocaited with blie denim. A popular overall in the early 20th century were stripped drill--often called "railroad overalls". These overalls have not disappeared, but are now worn primarily by younger boys. Click on the image for a closeup of the boys' overalls.

The original overalls were made of canvas sheeting. Blue denim soon followed and became stromgly associated with overalls. Overalls were, hpwever, made in many different materials--not just denim. Both blue and black denim were available. There were overalls in also khaki cloth. There is also safari drill--I'm not sure what this was. One popular style was stripped drill--often referred to as railroad overalls because it was commonly used in the old time railroad employee hats and overalls. The overalls available for boys in the 1990s was a much larger range of materials, including corderoy, canvas sheeting, and other materials. The primary company using the stripped material was Oshkosh. The pattern consisted of thin vertical stripes of white and blue.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 15, 2001
Last updated: April 15, 2001