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Bibfront Overalls: Hair Styles

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Figure 1.--Many images acquired by HBC have no provinance or other information associated with them. This small-sized white-border snapshot (2.5x3.5 in) is one of them. The dealer suggested that they were farm kids. They were not. The long hair is rather mistifying, but the boys are wearing strap shoes. We thought they might be girls dressing up as boys for fun, but the side parts suggests that theyb arevboys. The snapshot is not dated, we might guess it was taken about 1920.

Most boys during the era that overalls were most popular had short hair cuts (1910s-30s). These boys wearing bib-front overalls were mostly rural boys. At the time while clothing fashions varied in rural and urban areas, very few boys in urban areas wore overalls. They were seen as aryural, hicj style. Hair styles, however, were basically the same in rural and urban areas. Some rural boys may have needed a hair cut, but the school-age boys wearing overalls virtually all had short hair cuts. There was some variation. The boys had a range of different styles, but all were invariablly short. When overalls made a brief appearance as xshoirts (late-20th century), there were no destinctive hair styles.


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