Fashionable Bibfront Overalls

Figure 1.--Bibfront overalls were once considered work clothes. By the 1980s they became fashionable play clothes for boys and subsequenrly girls..

After bib-front overalls declinecd in popularity for boys--even on the farm in the 1940s they were no commonly seen again for boys until the 1980s. Overalls were adopted by girls and boys of all ages as a fashion statement. Often a kind of anti-fashion statement. Boys began wearing them as play clothes in the 1980s. They were at first primarily for very young children, but older boys also began wearing them. Some bib-front jeans were identical to the bib-front overalls once so commonly worn in rural America, Other ones for younger clothes wre made in bright colors with special styling. By the 1990s older girls began to wear them and by the mid-1990s were wearing them more commonly than boys.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 15, 2001
Last updated: April 15, 2001