Jean Short Pants: County Trends

Figure 1.--Here we see a boy wearing jean shorts. We thought at first he was American, but cerain aspects of the photograph are not quite right for the United States. Pehaps readers will have some insights here.

Jean shorts were worn in many different countries other than the United States. They first appeared in the United States where standard jeans first appeared. While basic long pants jeans were fairly standard around the world. There were differences, however, with jean shorts in different countries. Interestingly while British boys did not commonly wear standard long pants jeans, little boys did wear jean shorts. They were also worn in France and Germany as well as other continental countries. These shorts were usually cut quite briefly, shorter than jen shorts in America. The time-line for jean shorts in foreign countries is more complicated. I'm not sure when they appeared, but they were being worn by the 1970s. Jean shorts were especially popular in Japan, although few mother bought regular long pants jeans for their sons. In none of these countries outside the United States were cut-offs commonly worn.


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Created: 9:32 PM 5/15/2006
Last updated: 9:32 PM 5/15/2006