* Self-belted Short Pants: Types

Self-belted Short Pants: Types

Figure 1.--Here we see an American boy about 1945 wearing self-belted short pants. Note that they were button-on shorts, the belt being decorative rather than functional.

There were two types of self-belted shorts. We note some self-belted shorts done in the button-on style and other as regular shorts. We are not entirely sure how common the two options were. Various factors were involved. There were chronological trends. The principal factor was age. The button-on self-belted shorts were primarily for younger boys, although we have noted them for boys up to age 10 years. Regular self belted shorts (not the button-on type) were made in slightly older sizes, up to age 12. This is mentioned in period catalogs, but it is difficult to tell in actual photographs as the belt covers up the buttons. The shorts I had in 1954 just had the belt, but the ones done earlier for younger boys often were button-on shorts, the belt being decorative more than functional.


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Created: 4:22 AM 1/13/2006
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