Modern Children: Assessment of Historic Fashions

Figure 1.--

One of the reasons we created HBC was that children are interested in what life was like and how children lived in historuical periods. This included how children dressed. The girls are most interestedin historical fashion, but boys are calso interested. when I was teaching school in the 1970s before the internet, sources were rather limited. My students would ask me about children in the various historical periods we covered and I did not have a lot to offer them. So one purpose of HBC is to provide teachers abnd children a resource for assessing what childhood is like around the world and in different historical periods. And we note that a very important part of our readership is school teachers and students at all levels from primary school to university graduate students. Some of their assessments of historic fashions are interesting. One teacher has provided us an overview of their classrrom discussion. "HBC is a wonderful resource. I showed the image of the boy and the nurse to my children today. It made some of the boys laugh. Why this was I am not sure. It may have been the fact that the boy was photographed without his shirt. Other pictures of Lord Fauntleroy suits met with mixed reactions. One boy said he would refuse to be dressed like that. The image I showed was the Mary Pickford scene in which, dressed in the Fauntleroy suit she is giving good account in a fight. I showed them the boy in the Fauntleroy suit standing next to a dog. They thought it was an ok dress but they didn't like the hair style and wanted a shorter hair cut. Other boys were not quite so condeming. Some would wear the suit I think. I showed them boys dressed in sailor suits and the boy very anti Lord Fauntleroy suit was willing to dress in a sailor suit. Some boys thought the boys in the photograph were wearing girl shoes. They were looking at sandals. When I explained that this type of shoe was worn by both girls and boys they felt more comfortable. I showed one of the French Post cards of a little boy dressed in green. That was not to their liking. The Japanese school children school uniform was ok and they would wear the cap and the trainers. The chat came to an end as the computer screen got rather crowded with HBC images."


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