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Inclement Weather Gear

Figure 1.--.

Clothese are in a practical sence protective attire. Fashion gets coinsiderable attention today, but clothes for inclment weather stress the more practical aspects of clothing. Here we are speaking of both cold and rainy weather.

Cold-weather Gear

Children used to have to dress much more warmly than is the case today. Now children bundle up in warm clothing when going outdoors, but may dress like it is the summer indoors thanks to central heating. Warm coats are still necessary for winter wear in mabny countries. Considerable change hs taken place in cold weather coats in recent yeears. uite a bit of information is available on HBC on cold weather garments.


The first modern rainwear was the McIntosh or mac. Rain hats and coats are necessary items for childre, especially if they walk to school. These were orginally black, but eventually yellow and other colors appeared. Umbrellas are also important rain items, but perhaps more suitable for girls than boys. Biys are more likely to use them for sword fighting. We notice British boys using them.


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