Ethnic Clothes: Malay

Figure 1.--Malay children model their traditional attire which is often worn at festivals.

Malay newpapers report that Hari Raya is one of the most popular national festivals. Children reportedly live it up sporting their new baju Raya. Children have worn tradidional clothes, but some now choose instead to wear trendy jeans and skirts to match colorful shirts and blouses.

The traditional ever-lasting baju Melayu for the boys and the baju kurung for the girls continue to be the favorites. Parents and grandparents are charmed when the little dressed in their traditional garb kiss heir hands, a traditiinal Malay greeting. Some mothers and grandmothers insist on sewing the traditional baju garments themselves. The baju kurung and the baju Melayu, however, is today readily available off the slelves for the busy modern mother.

Girls tend to have a much wider choice than boys. The girls in fact have a vast choice. They can choose baja kurung, baju Kedah, or baju Kebaya in ever imaginable color and print. The boys have only the baju Malayu, but like the girls they have many colors and materials to choose from. To enhance the look, a matching sampin or songkok can be added.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 13, 1999
Last updated: July 20, 1999