Ethnic Clothes: The Dutch--Chronology

Figure 1.--These boys in a 1929 photograph wear suits with folk styling. We are not sure how common that was. These boys do not look like they are wearing folk costumes for a special occsion.

HBC does not have adequate chronological information on folk dress at this time. We do not know when folk styles began to decline in popularity. It would seem to be in large measure a 20th century phenomnon. We suspect that vthe rise of the mass media was a major factor. We have noted folk dress being worn, however, eben afyer World War I (1914-18). A 1929 photograph, for example, shows boys wearing suits with folk styling. Hopefully our Dutch readers will provide some information on chronological trends.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 4, 2000
Last updated: December 15, 2001