Dutch Folk Costumes: Specific Garments

Figure 1.--These Dutch children are dressed up in folk outfits we think in the 1930s. It looks like they are going to participate in some kind of celebration.

The Dutch wore a variety of picturesque garments. Perhaps the destinctive were the caps worn by women and girls. Many were quite elaborate. Some but not all has high peaks. Dutch folk dress is also famous for baggy trousers, the original inspiration for knickerbockers or knickers. Perhaps the most destinctive folk garment for boys and men are large baggy trousers--apparently the inspiration for knickerbockers. And of course the Dutch are also famous for wooden shoes although they were widely worn in France, Germany, and other countries. One of the most distinctive aspects of Dutch folk costume is wooden shoes or clogs. Wooden shoes were widely worn by peasant farmers and the urban working-class throughout Europe--but no where were they as widely worn as in the Netherlands. Many Dutch boys in the late 19th century went to school in wooden shoes. They were commonly worn by both boys and girls.


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