Marken Island Dresses for Boys: Chronology

Figure 1.--These Marken Island children were photographed in 1908 wearing the bonnets. Both boys in dress and boys wearing baggy pants might wear the bonnets--although they were most common for the boys in dresses. Note that even in 1908 that boys, but no so commonly girls, mugged for the camera. Click on the image for a few of less common headwear styles.

The Marken Island children in dresses most commonly wore little white, often enroidered bonnets. Most seem to have had chin straps. Some seem to have been more like caps worn on top the head, but the mmore common type was a white bonnet worn securely over the head and ears and drawn tight with a chin strap. Some bous even wore these bonners after being breechhed and their curls cut. While this was the most common headwear, there were a variety of other styles worn by the children.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: February 13, 2002
Last updated: February 13, 2001