U.S. Long Stocking Spporters: Post-War Era (1945-49)

The last time stocking supporters were worn to any extent was the 1940s, although they did not disappear until the early 1950s. They were still prominently advertised in the 1940s. They were available in quite a wide range of different types. Sears referred to them as "garter waists". Many were clearly targeted for younger children. The ad shows the proud children, beaming "See mommie, now we can put on our own garter waists.

Sears Catalog 1946-47

Some of the different styles advertised in the 1946-47 Sears catalog included:

Kern's "Dandy" garter waist

The boy and girl in the picture are both wearing Kern's "Dandy" garter waist. Mary says , "It's easy as apple pie" for any girl or boy to put it on without any help...they can slip it off alone, too. John says it doesn't drag on his shoulder like some other kind he has to wear. And another thing, it doesn't slow him down in the rough and tumble games he likes to play. Mary's and John's mother says she likes it because it's made of strong cotton tape with the elastic adjustable hose supporters...it's so easy to wash. No buttons to come off. Strap across front and back to prevent slipping from shoulder. White. Even sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14.

Kern's child's waist

Washable heavy white cotton tape. Adjustable non-slip shoulders, garters. Buttons at waist for outer garments. Even sizes: 2 to 14

Basic garter waist

Above style, medium wt. Even sizes: 2 to 12 Fig.C One inch width white cotton terry-elastic. Comfy slip-on style with adjustable garters. Washable. Sizes: Small, ages 2 to 4; Medium, ages 6 to 8; Large, ages 10 to 12

Kiddies' suspenders

Cotton Elastic, nickeled metal clips. Adjusts to age 10. White on blue or brown. State color. Rayon Elastic, gold-color clips. Adjusts ages 3 to 14. Dk. brown, Maroon, Navy

Velvet grip pin-on garters

Adjustable 1-inch rayon classic, oblong rubber button, double pendant. Rustproof finish metal fittings. White. Sizes: 2 to 4; 4 to 6; 6 to 9; 10 to 12.

Pin-on garters

Adjustable rayon elastic. Nickel finish metal fittings. White. Sizes: 2 to 4, 4 to 6, 6 to 9.

Figure 2.--This Sears advertisement shows two different types of hose supporters still available in the 1940s. The all purpose waist on the left is not a hose supporter, but for outervgarments like short pants. It looks to be for younger children, but is available through size 12.

Sears Catlalog 1947-48

Some of the different styles advertised in the 1947-48 Sears catalog included:

Child's all-purpose waist

A compfortable white cotton waist that supports outer garments. At edges tape bound. Slip over shoulders like a vest, buttons at waist. Four buttons around waistline. Tapes at front and back to prevent slipping from shoulders. Ideally suited for children's growing bodies. Light weight, soft, yet sturdy. All buttons attached firmly. Easily washed. Sizes 2 through 12 in increments of 2 sizes. Price: $0.37. [HBC note: This does not appear to be a hose supporter. Rather as the Sears caption says, it is to support outer garments like button-on short pants. HBC has included it here as Sears includes it with hose supporters in its catalog. One HBC contributor believes that this garment, although made in sizes up to age 12 probably was mostly used for younger children or children's "fancy" clothes for special occassions. HBC does not have sufficient information at this to comment.]

Kern's garter waist

Known throughout the nation for its quality. Won't slip off shoulders. No buttons to come off. So comfortable and practical for children--no binding fleeing. They will like wearing it. [HBC Note: The advertising approach id to deny the obvious. The approach here is simply to deby the obvious truth. How can these sticking supporters be comfortable? What child would want to wear one?] No more pinning on supporters and strains on stockings. Slip-on in a jiffy. ... They can do it themselves. ... Saves you time. Wears wll and washes well. White cotton tape with adjustable side supporters. Sizes 2 through 12 in 2 size increments. Price $0.49


The sizes for the stocking supporters were through age 12, and 14 in the case of one style. HBC notes that most of the available adds from comparable Sears catalogs were only for boys through age 10. Also while the advertisements picture boys and girls age 10-12 in long stockings, the stocking supporter advertisements only picture younger children.


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