Tights: Country Trends--Slovakia

Figure 1.--Tights in Slovakia replaced long stockings in the late 1950s. Slovakian children both boys and girls commonly wear tights. This photograph was taken in 1974.

Tights appeard to replace long stockings in the late 1950s. A Slovak reader tells us about 1955, but we can not conform this date. We thought it was a little later. They seem to have appeared at about the same time tey apeared in West Germany. Slovakia was at the time part of Czechoslovakia, The trends in both Slovakia and the Czrch Republic are very similar. Both boys and girls wore them and still do. Younger children from 1 to 5 years of age commonly wear them all year. older children wore them mostly in Winter. Boys most commonly wore tights to ages 10-11 years. Older boys might wear them to about 13-14 years, mostly with long pants in the Winter, but it became increasingly less common after age 11 years. Younger children at hime might only wear tights, much as Ameican children wear pajamas.


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Created: 5:55 AM 5/6/2006
Last updated: 5:55 AM 5/6/2006