Boys' Caps: Beanie Usage

Figure 1.--Here we see a virtual poster boy for the 1920s. This boy was photographed in 1921 wearing a beanie, knickers, and long stockings. He even has a sling shot.

Many cap styles have definitive usages. The peaked cap, for instance, is worn when dressing up in America. (In Britain it was a school style.) The baseball cap was a play style. Other caps had more varied usage such as the flat cap. The beanie was definitely a play cap. All the images we have found show boys wearing beanies with casual clothes at play or pick up games-usually baseball.. Usually the boys are wearing knickers. We have noted some boys wearing beanies to school. A good example is a boy at the Globe Schoo in the 1920s. Wearing benies fo play was probably much more common. Here we see an American boy wearing his cap for--notice the sling shot.


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Created: 6:06 AM 1/1/2005
Last updated: 9:12 PM 2/21/2008