Boys' Caps: Chronology

Figure 1.--This snapshot came grom a Serbian source, but t hs an American look. We would guess it was taken in the 1920s, but the cap styles include a mix that we have not noted before, including dla caps and a faorly modern looking baseball cap.

There are a great variety of caps that have been worn over time. Information before the 19th century is limited, except that there were generally no specifically juvenile styles. Until the mid-18th century boys simply wore the same hats wore by adults. We see many more cap styles in the 19th century nd with photogrphy we have a huge number of images which can be used to study trends. When the style of dressing boys in sailor suits developed, sailor hats became the first specialized hats for boys and soon cap styles were added. A great variety of hat and cap styles for boys developed in the 19th century. Some styles like the classic sailor hat lasted for generations. Other styles were more short lived. Some styles were fanciful creations purchased by mothers, but not well received by the boys and never became popular. By the turn if the 20th century e see fewer boys wearing hats and ca[s became the srandard, although not exclusive headwear for boys. The chronological pattern varied substantially over time and there were also varying chromological trends in different countries. Here our archive varies from country to country which affects our ability to follow chronological patterns.


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