Sailor Caps: Streamer Length an Width Position

Figure 1.--This boy has an extremely long, wide streamer. I'm not sure about the color.

The streamers we have seen on sailor caps vary in both length and width. Some are quite wide and often short while others are long and narrow. This id difficult to fully assess as most pprtraits are front shots and thus we do not see the streamers that normally fell down the back. We think that most streamers were of modest length. This was especially the case on the sailor caps commonly worn by boys. We have, however, seen a few images of children with very long streamers. We do not think that these were very common. We also note streamers of very widths as well. The extremrly wide widths also do not seem to be very common. Many of the wide width streamers to be relatively short.


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Created: 3:16 AM 1/14/2008
Last updated: 3:17 AM 1/14/2008