*** American boys hsair styles : flasirs over ears

Figure 1.--Here we see a cabinet card showing two boys about 3-6 years old with hair styled in bangs with a side flair over the ears. We are not sure what the style was called at the time. TYhe portrait was not dated, but the card mount and clothes suggest the late-1910s or early-20s. The studio was Pios in Hannover, Pennsylvania.

American Boy Hair Styles: Flairs over Ears

Here we have a style for younger boys, mostly pre-school boys. We do not see school age boys with this style. We do not know what it was called at the time. e would welcoime reader input here. In such instances we just describe it--Dutch boy bangs that flair out at the side from the ears. Dutch boy bangs fell straight down over the ears. This cut involved longer haor tht was styles to flar out or curl up from the side over the eaes. It appears that these side flairs became popular in the early-20th centurty as Fauntleroy ringlets began to disapper. The cut flared out in different ways. This was more of a cut and like ringlets involved styling and maintenence. We can not yet pin down the chronology. We think it may have appeared in the 1910s, but many of the images we hve found look like the 1920s. We have not yet found many dated examples. Ehile we see many of vthe examples in FGerance, at least French commerrcial post cards, but we see a number of American examples. The American examples are actual portraits, lending more credeence as apopular dstyle than commercial postcards. Girls also sported as bobed hair became popular following World War I (1914-18).


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