Figure 1.--This boy had a cabinent card portrait taken in 1892. Unfortunately we can't make out his name. He looks to be about 4 years old and wears a grey sailor dress. The image here is a colorized version of the cabinent card portrait..

U.S. Boys' Ringlet Curl Chronology: The 1890s--Clothing

The outfits worn with ringlets were quite varied. Some boys wore ringlets with Fauntleroy suits. This is probably the most populr image. And we do see boys wearing Fauntleroy suits with ringets. This includes both proper Fauntleroy suits as well as other suits with Fauntleroy elements like a lace or ruffled collar. A good example is the yonger Harrison boy about 1890. Note the Fauntleroy elements that the older brother is wearing. But the Fauntlerou suit was onl;y obe of the outfits with which American boys wore ringlets. Some boys wore ringlets with dresses and other skired outfits like kilt suits before they were breeched. We note boys wearing ringlets with blouses. They were worn with many other outfits as well. One of the most common outfits was the sailor suit. This is not to say tht boys with salor suits mostly had ringlet curls. This would not be te case. But the sailor suit was such a popular style hat may of the images ringlet curl hair styles we have found fro the 1890s show the boy wearing sailor suit outfits of varius types, both sailor-styled drsses and proper sailor suits. Louis G. Martin wore ringlets with a military uniform. We note Tommy Purcell wearing a sailor blouse and pleated skirt withj ringlets in 1892.


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