Figure 1.--This boy had his portrait taken in Atlantic City, New Jersey, probably in the 1890s. He wears a sailor suit with his ribnglets.

U.S. Boys' Ringlet Curl Chronology: The 1890s--Popularity

The popularity of ringlet curls in America increased spectacularly in the 1880s with the publication of Little Lord Funtleroy continued in the 1890s. We notice large numbers of boys with ringlets in the photograohic record. The popularity may have been even greater in the 1890s than the 80s as the style become more establihed. And there may be more older boys wearing them. While we see large numbers of boys wearing ringlets in period portraits, they were still a minority of the boys. The number reflects how common an inexpensive that photographt had become. There are huge numbers of cabindent card portraits. The amateur snp shot is not yet common, but studio portraits certainly are. Even so the fact that well-to-do families had more portraits taken probably skews the photographic record somewhat to over emphasize the popularity of ringlet curls.


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