*** specific boys hair styles

Specific Boys' Hair Styles

Figure 1.--Hair styles with center parts were popular for American boys at the turn of the 20th century. So was the slicked-down look. This portrait was taken at the Edsall Studio. Harlem New York. Also note the high neck collar.

We have listed here the boys' hair styles with which I am familiar. Unfortunately hair styling us not a topic with which we are familiar. In many cases we do do not know the formal names for these cuts and style or very much information about them. We know much more about clothing. As with other areas of HBC, we have begun to collect some information using the photographic record. We hope to eventully learn some basic information bout these styles. Please let me know if you are aware of any others or have any childhood memories about your hair styles. Hopefully someone with barbering experiences or other expertise will eventually help us analize the various cut styles.

A-E styles

F-L styles

M-Z styles


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Created: 1:46 AM 8/23/2007
Last updated: 1:46 AM 8/23/2007