School and Long Hair

Figure 1.--This German exchange student didn't know that he was going to have to cut hisd hair when he came to Texas to attend highschool.

When boys first began wearing long hair in the 1960s, it was quite controversial. Many schools which did not have rules about hair, quickly implemented them. Side burns had been a minor problem, mostly with ioklder teenagers, but long hair became a major isuue between schools and boys and their parents. Some parents were thankful for the schools to insist on hair cuts. Other parents supported their sons. The issue of hair became less confrontational in the 1980s as schools became more accepting of long hair and boys became less interested in it. The issue has not totally disappeared, however, as some conservative school districts in the united States still insist on short hair. Generally speaking these are schools in the Mid-west and South.

Available information on individual experiences include:

Texas 1997

Joannes, a German exchange student tells about his experiences at an conservative American highschool.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: January 8, 2000
Last edited: January 8, 2000