Long Hair: Over the Shoulder

Figure 1.--Some mothers instead of curling their son's hair decided to let it grow as long as possible.

Boys have worn different styles of long hair. These styles have been worn in both historical and modern eras. Contemporary boys do not seem to favor long hair, but the styles are less rigid than before and more open to personal choice so long hair is occcasionally seen in the 1990s. Long hair has been worn in a wide range of lengths.

Many 19th Century mothers, enchanted with Mrs. Francis Hobson Bennetts' book, Little Lord Fauntleroy decide to keep their son's hair long well past the toddler stage. Many especially in America even curled it. Some mothers had kept their boys in long before Mrs. Bennetts's book, but publicatin of Little Lord Faintleroy gave tremendous cachet to the style and the number of boys kept in long hair increased greatly.

Figure 2.--Most boys with long hair in the 19th Century wore it no longer than a little below the shoulders. Some mothers, however, took it to extremes.

Most boys during the Fauntleroy effort wore medium or shoulder length hair. Some mothers, however. were determined to let their son's hair grow a long as possible. I have little information, however, about this style. Apparently some mothers could just not bare to cut their son's hair.

Christopher Wagner


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Created: January 25, 1999
Last edited: August 30, 1999