American Boys' Hair Styles: Gender Trends

Figure 1.--Here are two American children in a small town, pribably in the early 1920s. The boy wears overalls and bangs with his hair cut short at the side. The girls wears a middy blouse and bangs with her hair covering her ears at the side.

Bangs are one of the most popular styles for children. Some styles have been worn by both bows and girls, even at the same time. The most obvious here are various styles of bangs. There were are a wide range of bangs cuts and we commonly see boys and girls with their hair cut in bangs. Often boys and girls wore bangs at the same time, but with stylish variation. The most common differentiation was for boys with bangs to have their hair cur short at the sides and for girls to wear it over their ears. The Keck children are a good example. They all have their hair done in bangs. The boy has short hair and his older sisters have hair ovr their ears at the side. But this has not always been the case, We notice some younger boys in the eary 20th century with bangs cuts just like their sister's cut. And we note boys in the 1970s when long hair was popular also wearing bangs with long cuts at the side. While the hair length at the sides was the primary difference in gender with bang cuts. There were, however, many other sytlistic differences.


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