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American Boys' Hair Styles: Cropped Hair--Ages

Figure 1.-- This cabinet card shows three unidentified siblings, two boys and a girl. . They look to be about 2-8 years old. TBoh boyhave closely cropped hair. The younger boh wears a lit suit. His older brother wears a white boe and blouse knee pants suit. Their sister wears a dark dress with a lace collar and long skirt. Yjr portrit is not dated. The nount and white whicker furbiture suggest it was taken at the turn-of-the 20th century, orobbly anout 1900-05. The studio was Filson & Son in Steubenville Ohio.

The American boys we note with cropped hair in the photographic record seem to be mostly younger boys. The boys in the image here look to be 4-10 years old (figure 1). Images of older boys with cropped hair are much less common, at least in the 19th century. We see older boys in Europe with cropped hair, but in America they seem to be primarily younger boys. We suspect this was nostly immigrant children from countries where cropped hair were most common. This is only a theory at this point because in most instance we do not have the names of the children in the old photograophs we have archived. We can, however, estimate the ages. And most of the boys we have found with cropped hair or younger boys, either pre-school boys or boys in grammar (primary) school, especially the early primary years. The 20th century was a little different. We see many boys with short hair cuts like crew and buzz cuts. This appears to have become common after World War II (1939-45) when many service men had short cuts. After the War it became common for boys to have their hair cut short during the summer. We also see some very short cuts at the end of the century, but at the time there was a wide variety of hair styles for boys.


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