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Boys' Headwear: Streamers

Figure 1.--Here we can see an American boy wearing a sailor tunic with a broad-brimmed sailor that had short, but wide streamers. The portrait is undated, but looks like it was taken in the 1900s.

We note boys wearing streamers on both caps and hats. Here the photogreaphic record is not very helpful. Most 19th century photographs are studio portraits. They wsere mostly shot without the boys wearing headwear. And even when they did wear them, the normal head-on poses do not show the streamers on the back of the cap or hat. Streamers were most common on sailor-styled headwear, especailly wide-brimmed hats. We see them on both sailor caps and sailor hats. As photography moved out of the studio we see nore streamers. A good example is an unidentified American boy in 1907. But this was just when wide-brimmed hats were beginning to go out of style. We also streamers on Scottish-style headwear. We also see streamers on roubded-crown hats. A good example is an unidentified New York boy about 1865. This was not a sailor hat, although the basic style was influenced by sailor styling. The wide-brimmed hats were a sailor suit that was worn with many other outfits such as Funtleroy suits. Many of these hats also had streamers. We note streamers done in various ways, There were different lengths and widths. They were often, but not always done in pairs. Most streamers were black. We also see some other lighter colors. A good example is an American boy about 1900-05. Unfortunately we are not sure about the actual colors. We do not yet have much country information, but asre building pages on America, England, France, Germany, and other countries.


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