Boys' 1930s Pants and Trousers: Suspension

Figure 1.--This little German boy in the 1930s wears a button-on outfit. Actually it is not clear if he is wearing a button-on suit or a one-piece suit.

We note a range of approached to trouser suspension. Suspenders and belts were worn. We notice fewer sispenders and more belts than in the 1920s. British boys wore snake belts. American boys commonly wore button-on styles. We note button-on styles in Europe as well, but commonly for younger boys than in America. We also note suspender pants, often suspender shorts. Three German boys in 1939, the sons of the prosperous, middle-class Heim family, were all dressed alike, wearing a common fashion of the day--suspender short pants. They wear suspender shorts with a cross piece across the chest to keep the straps from slipping off. This style of suspender halter is similar to that customarily worn in Germany with lederhosen. These boys' clothes may have been hand-made by mother. Note that by 1939, the shorts are quite short, and that, in typical German fashion, the boys wear what look like brown long stockings with the shorts. Black long stockings had almost disappeared, and most boys had started to wear either brown or beige stockings with their shorts. In Germany, short pants were the customary trousers for schoolboys into their teens.


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Created: 12:43 AM 2/13/2006
Last updated: 12:43 AM 2/13/2006