Knee Pants Suits: Accessories

Figure 2.--This boy in a photograph taken in the 1890s wears a very large ruffled collar and cuffs. Note that his suit is a regular kneepants suit, not a Fauntleroy suiut, with the collar and cuffs pinned on. When he is deemed old enough the collar and cuffs can be take offa nd he will have a much more mature looking suit.

A younger boy after wearing a Little Lord Fauntleroy or sailor suit might be purchased a more mature looking kneepants suit with single or doubble-breasted styling. Many mothers, however, frequently added accessories like large floppy bows and lace or ruffled collars and cuffs. This was especially the case for younger boys who were purchased lneepants suits. Some boys might wear these suits at a fairly young age after breecing or wearing a kilt suit. This might happen because parents (usually the father) did not like the Fauntleroy styling or as an economy measure. A proper velver Faintleroy suuit was expensive. Sme of the same affect could be achieved by simply adding a large floppy bow or even large ruffled collars and cuffs.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: Februaru 7, 2001
Last edited: Februaru 7, 2001