Suspension: Trouser Modifications

Figure 1.--This Latvian boy in the 1930s wears H-bar short pants. This and related types of suspender pants were a popular trouser modification for younger boys.
Some trousers were specifically modified for specific suspension types. Here there were age conventions. Both men and boys wotr suspenders and belts. The most common modification in the late 19th and early 20th century was adding buttons to the waisband for attaching suspendenders. By the mid-20th century, belt loops were common on boys' trousers. There were also various types of suspender pants for younger boys. , including H-bar and bif-front pants. Another alternative was button-on clothing. This was also an alternative for younger boys.


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Created: 2:21 AM 11/11/2007
Last updated: 2:21 AM 11/11/2007