Plain Boys' Blouses

Figure 1.--This American boy, prbably in the early 1880s, wears a plain blouse with some influence of sailor middy blouses. Notice the lack of detailing, long hair, and hair bow. Click on the image for more details. Image courtesy of the RG collection.

HBC is still developing information on plain blouses worn by boys. We are unsure when boys first behgan wearing these garments. Boys wore a variety of plain blouses with collars of modest sizes. Most blouses were solid colors, but stripes were also worn. Middy blouses also became popular by the 1870s. Some of these plain blouses show some influence of sailorstyling, including a back flap or small back flap, but without sailor styling. The garments are clearly blouses because they blouse over the pants rather than being tuckd in. We are unsure at this time as to whether such blouses pre-date middy blouses.


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Created: April 30, 2002
Last updated: April 30, 2002