Peter Pan Collars on Boys' Clothes: Chronology

Figure 1.--This unidentified portrait was proabably taken in the 1880s or early 90s. The brothers look to be wearing Peter Pan collars, but it is difficult to tell because of the large bows. All we know for certain was that the portrait was taken in Chicago.

HBC has not yet been avle to work out the chronology of Peter Pan collars. We are not sure when the rounded collars were first deployed on children's clothes. I have noted some children's outfits by the middle of the 19th century. For a mid-19th century example, click here. We also note some late 19th century images, but often they are obscured by the large bows that became popular in the 1880s. An example would be the Whitney boys in America during 1895. In general large white rounded collars seem less popular than lace and ruggled colars and ponited stiff Erons. Peter Pan collars became more popular after the turn of the 20th century. The collar was employed on both blouses and dresses. We see a number of boys with large Peter Pab cpllars in the eaely 20th century. A good example is Floyd Van Horne about 1915. The style does not appear to have been extensively used and of course was not called Peter Pan collars until the turn of the century. We are not sure, however, when the term was first used. The collars appear to have been used in both Europe and America.


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Created: August 14, 2002
Last updated: 2:16 AM 11/16/2007