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Boys' Collar Styles: Wing Collars

Figure 1.--This boy is Robert L. Wickline from Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. He looks to be about 13-14 years old. He is wearing a wing collar with a necktie tied with a Windsor knot. Notice how large it was. Click on the image to see Robert a few years earlier.

We have noted older boys and men wearing wing collars. We do not know a great deal about this style. It was not a style commonly worn by boys, but we do notice some boys wearing them in the late-19th century and very early 20th century. The collars varied in size. We do not see many younger boys wearing them as it was an adult style. Many parents at the time preferred more juvenile styles for children. The boys wearing these collars were teenagers of varying ages, mostly older teens. A wing or wingtip collar is a small standing collar with the points stiffly starched and pressed to stick out horizontally, resembling "wings". It was commonly worn with men's evening dress, both white tie or black tie. But we notice them being worn by boys for less formal occassions. The wing collar was a descendant of Gladstone collar which was used by barristers (lawyers) in the United Kingdom and Canada. We see many American boys wearing these wing collars. We note these collars being worn in many European countries and North America. They were commonly worn with neckties tied in very large knots--these large knots were called Windsors. They may have been worn with other neckwear, but we usually see them with Windsor knots.


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